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Tennessee Crime Statistics

Tennessee Incident Based Reporting System (TIBRS)

What is TIBRS?

TIBRS is an incident based reporting system designed to collect data on every single crime occurrence and on each incident and arrest within the occurrence.  The most significant difference between TIBRS and the traditional UCR system is the degree of detail in reporting.  Unlike the summary system that collects only eight crimes, TIBRS collects 22 crime categories made up of 47 specific crimes called Group A offenses.  Additionally, arrests are reported for 11 Group B offense categories. In TIBRS up to 10 offenses can be reported in an incident, providing a more accurate picture of crime. 

The goals of TIBRS are to enhance the quantity, quality and timeliness of crime data collection by law enforcement and to improve the methodology used for compiling, analyzing, auditing and publishing crime data. A major advantage of TIBRS is the capability to break down and combine crime offense data into specific information. 

What is Incident Based Reporting?

Incident based reporting views a crime and all of its components as an “incident.” In order to obtain important data, facts about the incident are organized into specific categories or segments.  The vehicle used for recording these facts is a “data element.”  Data elements provide information about crime and its involvement with victims, offenders, property, arrestees, etc. 

Who reports?

All law enforcement agencies as well as colleges and universities report their monthly crime statistics to the TBI.  The TBI then reports those law enforcement statistics to the FBI.