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In order to become an approved TIES vendor on the Tennessee Information Enforcement System (TIES) network, the following rules apply:

Please be advised that notification of any changes for a vendor point of contact and/or personnel having direct responsibility to configure and maintain computer systems and networks accessing CJI must be submitted to TBI in a timely manner. 

All applicable documentation and fingerprint cards, along with the appropriate fees, should be mailed to: 

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
Attn:  CJIS Services Section / TIES Vendor
901 R. S. Gass Blvd.
Nashville, TN   37216-2639

The following links are part of the TIES vendor procedure:

Approved TIES Vendor List

TIES Vendor Procedure

TIES Vendor User Agreement

Security Awareness Training Information

TIES Vendor and Agency Messaging Resource Guide

 CJIS Security Policy