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Diversions, Expungements and Dispositions


  Who can I call? What is it? How and where do I apply? How much does it cost?
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615.744.4000 extension 5540

Allows a charge or charges to be 'diverted' for an agreed upon amount of time once the defendant pleads guilty and agrees to conditions given by the judge. Once the diversionary period has been successfully completed, the charge or charges can be expunged.
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To be granted diversion, you must first request a certificate of eligibilty by completing the online diversion application on the TBI website.
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The online application fee is $100. Once the diversionary period has been successfully completed the defendant must return to court to request an expungement. The fee to expunge the diverted charge or charges is $350 plus court fees/costs.
FAQ Sheet

615.744.4000 extension 5540

Removes a  charge or charges from a criminal record. Expungement starts at the local level. Contact the clerk's office in the county where the arrest occurred to request an expungement. Charges that were dismissed or Nolle Prosequi; the Grand Jury returned a no true bill; or a verdict of not guilty was returned by a judge or jury should be expunged at no cost to defendant. If expungement is the result of a diversion, the fee is $350 plus court fees/costs.
FAQ Sheet
615.744.4000 extension 5540 The final determination made by the court for a criminal charge or charges. Example: Guilty, Not Guilty, Dismissed, Nolle Prosequi, Diversion, etc. The disposition is sent to TBI by the county where the case occurred.