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Background Checks

Information about TAPS for Agency Users

The Tennessee State Legislature has mandated fingerprint-based background checks for applicants for a wide variety of employment and licensing opportunities.  Agencies, whether they be a day care center, a school district, a county or municipal government, or state agency, must have a signed User Agreement on file with the TBI before any background requests may be submitted.  Once the User Agreement is on file, the agency will be assigned a unique identifying number that must be included on all correspondence and fingerprint card submissions.

An agency may decide to participate in the Tennessee Applicant Processing Services (TAPS).  This program will allow agencies to be fingerprinted at fingerprinting centers throughout the state where their fingerprint and personal information will be taken and submitted electronically to the TBI for processing.  TAPS allows a further level of security in ensuring that fingerprints belong to the person making application.  For more information please go to the MorphoTrust Website.

If an agency chooses to submit paper fingerprint cards for processing, they should follow the Card Scan instructions on www.indentogo.com or call MorphoTrust USA at (855) 226-2937.

Note: All requests for applicant fingerprint-based background checks must be submitted to the TBI by the agency.  No requests made by individuals will be processed.