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Background Checks

Tennessee Applicant Processing Services (TAPS)



Some employers in the state of Tennessee require their applicants to have a fingerprint based background check as part of the application process. TBI’s Tennessee Applicant Processing Services (TAPS) program runs applicants fingerprints through a system that produces a criminal history check that is then forwarded to the employer. Some volunteer organizations and licensing applications also require a TAPS check. These background checks are fingerprint based and are run through TBI’s database as well as forwarded to the FBI for processing.

In order to improve the applicant scheduling process, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in conjunction with MorphoTrust USA has developed a fully automated system which will enable the TBI to track printed applicants more efficiently, and provide every applicant a more flexible way of being printed.

If you have further questions and concerns, please contact TBI’s Applicant Processing Unit at 615.744.4095.